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Why are you selecting recipes for me?
Why are you selecting recipes for me?

Everything you need to know about automatic system selections

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Forgot to select your recipes this week? We get it – life happens!

That’s why we have worked on enhancing how we select recipes on your behalf, and how we communicate this to you. We hope that doing so will help to improve our weekly selections when you are short of time.

What’s changed?

We pre-select recipes in advance of the auto-renewal day on behalf of customers who have not selected their upcoming meals. We then notify customers via email and allow 24 hours for them to review and make any changes to the selections, before the order cut-off (at 12pm, 4 days before the delivery date).

But, you have selected my recipes on my behalf before. What’s new?

Previously, we would only select recipes on a customer’s behalf after the auto-renewal had passed. This meant the order was placed based on our recommendations.

If customers needed to make any changes, they would need to reach out to us to alter the order.

Now, customers are given the time to review the selections prior to the order being placed.

Don’t forget – you can select your recipes for up to 4 weeks in advance via your My Menu page.

How do you know what to select?

We select recipes based on meal preferences, previous orders and recipe ratings. Our chefs hope to continue improving this feature in the future to become a more convenient service for customers!

I don't like the recipes you've selected for me, what do I do?

First thing we'd recommend you to do is update your meal preferences on your account page. You can choose the following meal preferences from the drop-down in the "Box Type" area:

  • No preference (this is the default for everyone)

  • No Fish/Seafood

  • No Red Meat

  • No Vegan/Vegetarian

  • No Animal Products (Vegan)

Another thing you can do is change the recipes we selected for you before your cut-off time. Here's a quick gif showing you how to do it on mobile:

Can I still select my own recipes?

Of course! It’s so easy to choose and plan your recipes for the upcoming weeks via your My Menu page. We will only select them on your behalf 24 hour before your auto-renewal time, when you haven’t had chance to do so yourself, and haven’t skipped your upcoming delivery.

Remember, we’ll notify you via email once your recipes have been selected by our chefs, so that you have chance to review them before your order auto-renews.

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