We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the recipes that suit you, and our recipe features offer that extra bit of information to give you a helping hand.

  • Chef's Choice – In our chef’s eyes, this dish is the pièce de resistance of this week’s menu, and not one to miss!

  • Quick & Easy – Short of time? These speedy suppers will be ready in 20 minutes or less and require minimal prep and washing up!

  • Calorie Smart – Each serving comes in at under 610 calories, making these recipes the perfect choice for those who enjoy lighter midweek meals.

  • Low-Carb - Free from refined carbohydrates – such as pasta, rice and regular potatoes – but still ultra-filling and satisfying.

  • Weekly Classic – Our top pick of classic dishes rotated on a regular basis, so you will never miss out.

  • Gourmet – Premium steak recipes that will take your weekly treat night to the next level. Staying in never looked so good!

  • Vegetarian – Easy, flavour-packed recipes that are free from meat, poultry and fish (but may contain eggs and dairy).

  • Vegan – Creative, plant-based dishes that are free from all animal products. Our recipes often use dairy and meat alternatives that make embracing the vegan lifestyle easier than ever!

  • Swap Available - Enjoy more flexibility in your meal choices with our customisable recipes. Simply look out for our swap icon on selected recipe tiles to customise your protein or carb.

  • Tips for Kids - These recipes are created with everyone in mind - even the pickiest of eaters! Thanks to our dietician-approved tips and helpful serving model, parents can serve their kids a varied and healthy diet with no fuss.

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