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Forgot to select your recipes before your auto-renewal?
Forgot to select your recipes before your auto-renewal?
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That’s not a problem, we will select the best recipes for you based on your meal preferences and recipe ratings. The more you rate your recipes the better we’ll get at guessing what recipes you’re likely to prefer.

It’s important you select what you’d like to avoid in your plan settings. You can select “I’d like to avoid”:

  • No preference

  • No Fish/Seafood

  • No Red Meat

  • No Vegan/Vegetarian

If you select “no fish/seafood” we’ll make sure you’ll never receive a fish/seafood recipe in your box. The default setting for this is “no preference”.

Quite a few of our customers leave the selection to us. They avoid choosing intentionally knowing that we will make the right choice for them. In addition, they get to enjoy the surprise of finding out what’s for dinner every week!

Please remember, you won’t be able to change your recipes after your auto-renewal, 12 noon, 4 days before your delivery day. (refer to the table below) That’s when we start ordering your ingredients from our suppliers. As soon as they arrive we start pre-portioning and packing, keeping them as fresh as can be by the time they are delivered to you!

Automated renewal time

Delivery Day

Sunday at noon


Monday at noon


Tuesday at noon


Wednesday at noon


Thursday at noon


Friday at noon


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