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Can I pause my subscription?
Can I pause my subscription?

Looking to pause your subscription for over 4 weeks?

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If you're planning to travel temporarily for over 4 weeks and want to pause your subscription rather than cancel, you can do so by contacting our customer loyalty team: [email protected]

In your email you'll just have to mention your return date. Within 12 hours our team will help you with your request and confirm when you'd like your subscription to continue.

Here's an example email, you can copy paste it and just update your return date:

"Hi there, I'd like to skip more than 4 weeks in advance as I am travelling temporarily. I'll be returning on [dd/mm/yy], please skip all my weeks until then."

Please note that we don't current have an option to pause your subscription. Our customer loyalty team can help you skip from 5 to 16 weeks in advance.

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