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How does a hello chef subscription work?
How does a hello chef subscription work?
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When you open a Hello Chef account and place your first order, the service will auto-renew on a weekly basis, unless you alter your subscription settings.

If you don’t make any changes to your subscription, a box will be delivered on your chosen delivery day each week. If you haven’t selected your recipes, these will be chosen for you by our chefs based on your preferences.

A Hello Chef subscription requires zero commitment and can be cancelled at any time. It’s also really easy to make changes to your subscription - whether you want to change your delivery day, timeslot or box size, or skip a week or two when necessary. Just remember that any changes must be made before your automatic payment renewal.

Why is hello chef a weekly auto-renewal subscription?

Our customers prefer a subscription model as it gives them the peace of mind they need to savour life. No more meal planning, pantry management, grocery shopping and food waste. We don’t want you to think about all of that. Instead, we want you to spend more quality time with your loved ones, cooking and enjoying great delicious dinners together.

What if I don't want a weekly auto-renewal?

You can easily skip 4 weeks ahead and unskip whenever you like. Alternatively, you can cancel your plan and reactivate when you're ready to order.

When is my auto-renewal time?

Automated renewal times are as follows:

Your Automated renewal time

Your Delivery Day

Sunday at noon


Tuesday at noon


Wednesday at noon


Thursday at noon


Friday at noon


Saturday at noon


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